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Holiday Challenge Worksite Guide

The holiday season is all about sharing. This year share the gift of health by telling others about the Holiday Challenge. Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to join with you. Gather a group and participate together. The more people you involve the easier it will be to maintain your weight. As they say, “the more the merrier”!

Looking for ideas to promote the Holiday Challenge at your workplace?

Check out the Holiday Challenge Worksite Guide for inspiration.

Use any of the flyers below to encourage others to participate in the Holiday Challenge.

Employee Wellness Spotlight: 

holiday challenge

“In all, we had 240 participants register for the Holiday Challenge, and heard great feedback. I learned about the challenge just a few weeks before it launched, so I was very pleased at how easy it was to implement. I will definitely start promoting this earlier next year so more of my clients can take advantage of this amazing resource! Thank you Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less!” -Sheila Bannister, Health and Wellness Director, ONI Risk Partners

How ONI Risk Partners implemented the Holiday Challenge

holiday challenge“We did it! A group of coworkers participated in the virtual marathon through Paris. We got into character while sightseeing in Paris. Once everyone in the group completed the 26.2-mile marathon, they were proudly awarded an ornament of the Eiffel Tower. Our experience with the virtual marathon through Paris has inspired us to travel the world together.” – Team Mighty Oaks

How a group of coworkers participated in the Holiday Challenge together