Meal Prep 101

Save time by preparing meals all at once for the week–even if you are working from home. Batch prepping and batch cooking can save you time and money, ensure leftovers don’t go to waste, and keep you stay in control of portions andingredients. Determining your time availability and needs each week will help you decide […]

Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver burnout refers to a state of complete exhaustion–physical and mental–and may occur when caregiver stress is left unchecked. Signs of caregiver burnout may include constant fatigue, more frequent sickness, and disregard for personal needs.1 Compassion fatigue, or the stress resulting from taking on the pain of the person being cared for, can also contribute […]

Overcome Sugar Cravings

There are different reasons we may crave sugar. If we are eating sugar regularly, our bodies expect and, in turn, desire it. When we eat sugar, our brain releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, making it more likely for us to want more sugar at that moment and later on. Our blood sugar levels also rise […]

Having Fun is Good for You!

Who doesn’t like having fun? While everyone may have individual preferences as to what constitutes having fun, research makes one thing clear: having fun is highly beneficial to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Studies have shown how having fun can reduce stress, improve sleep, increase serotonin and endorphins, and keep us moving more, among […]

The All-Or-Nothing Mindset is OUT in 2024

As we enter the time of year when people start thinking about behavior change, I think it’s important to go into these changes realistically. Don’t get me wrong, goals are GREAT! Setting goals is necessary for change and focus. Sticking with and achieving goals is rewarding but it is good to make sure that your […]

Let’s Set Wellness Goals

The holiday season is a very busy time of the year. With different holidays, travel, work deadlines, and shorter days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But are you focusing on your health and wellness through it all? Think about a few ways you could help yourself feel more positive, relaxed, and energized (the […]