Moving from I Can’t to I Can!—Physical Activity Barriers and Solutions for Older Adults

To honor September as Healthy Aging Month, it seems fitting to talk about the importance of physical activity for older adults.  The benefits of regular, moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking, on our mental and physical health are very clear; however, as we age, there are more and more barriers to doing this on […]

Understanding the Role of Stretching

Do you stretch on a regular basis? Stretching is often an overlooked component of our physical activity routines. Stretching prepares our muscles for movement, aids in muscle recovery, releases tension, and improves flexibility, all of which promote proper movement patterns. Performing stretches on a regular basis, even if not before or after physical activity, is […]

How to Enjoy Your Vacation

My family and I recently went on a week-long vacation to the North Carolina mountains. We had such a fantastic time it was difficult to come home! When you are sharing a house with 9 other adults and are not in charge of meal planning, grocery shopping, or the schedule, it can be really difficult […]

Summer Salad Ideas

The hot days of summer continue and if you are like me, salads are on the menu. Here are some simple ideas to make dinner delicious and cool. These salads are a great way to use leftover grilled fish or meat or other vegetables you have from other meals. Think of the below as not […]

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“Total cholesterol dropped 45 points”

Below is a testimonial from a recent Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less participant that completed the program: “I have taken two of your classes. In 2020, I participated in Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes. By following the program and preparing more meals on the Mediterranean Diet, I had much success with weight loss […]