Moving & Grooving at Your Own Pace

Do the words “fitness”, “physical activity” or “exercise” suggest a painful process that you have to go through in order to alter your appearance? This line of thinking will only make you think that “exercise” is not for you. Too often mainstream culture focuses on how exercise will alter your appearance when the conversation should […]

Mindfulness Gives Us Options

As humans, we have the ability of metacognition, which is a big word that describes something most of us do every day probably without even noticing it–that is thinking about our own thoughts. Our ability to think about our thoughts allows us to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention to the present moment without […]

Too Much of a Sweet Thing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of sweets around you making it difficult to stay on track and maintain your weight? To make matters more difficult, the more sugar you eat, the more your body actually craves it. This can create a cycle of sugar overloading if you are not mindful of your choices. […]

Embracing Wellness this Spring Season

April marks the onset of spring and two important observances dedicated to our overall well-being: National Move More Month and National Stress Awareness Month. These annual reminders allow individuals to prioritize their physical and mental health through mindful practices. National Move More Month serves as a timely reminder for individuals to incorporate physical activity into […]

Taking Care of You

Sometimes it feels like we are constantly running in a hundred different directions. With so many things demanding your time and attention, it can be overwhelming. This is why it is essential to take a step back and make time for yourself. Check-in, see how you are feeling, and set aside time for some self-care. […]

Meal Prep 101

Save time by preparing meals all at once for the week–even if you are working from home. Batch prepping and batch cooking can save you time and money, ensure leftovers don’t go to waste, and keep you stay in control of portions andingredients. Determining your time availability and needs each week will help you decide […]

Be a Soup-er Star

When it begins to get chilly outside, one of the best ways to stay warm is with a hot cup of soup. Soups are a budget-friendly way to incorporate more vegetables into your day and there are many combinations of spices and flavors to try. We generally recommend avoiding cream-based soups like bisques and chowders […]

How to Say No

Often, we find ourselves juggling multiple commitments and obligations in our fast-paced world. It can be challenging to balance our personal lives, work, and social engagements. When friends or acquaintances invite us to events or make plans, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to say “No” especially when you genuinely can’t accommodate the request. […]