3 Reasons to Move More

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African American woman joyfully power walking on a track.

Research has come out in the last year highlighting 3 reasons to move more during your day.

#1 – Get Some Steps in Each Day

The Steps For Health Collaborative looked at how many steps people take a day and compared it with longevity and life expectancy. They found that getting more steps per day is better for your overall health. What is even more interesting, is that not everyone needs 10,000 steps a day. They found that for people 60 and older, getting in 6,000 – 8,000 steps had the same benefit for life expectancy as people over 60 who got 10,000 steps in a day.

#2 – Moving More Today Helps Control Your Blood Sugar Tomorrow

We know that exercise can help control blood sugar and help lower it over time. A team in France recently found that moving just 1,000 more steps in a day can help lower your blood sugar tomorrow.

#3 – Moving More Helps Prevent Diabetes

People who were moving less when they started their diabetes prevention program can benefit the most from adding physical activity to their lifestyle changes. A study that looked at people who participated in a diabetes prevention program 12 years ago published its results in 2021. People who added more physical activity in their day were less likely to get diabetes 12 years later. This was not affected by beginning weight, age, gender, or if you are already taking a medicine to reduce your A1c. Physical activity can benefit everyone!

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