Holiday Challenge Weekly Workout Reminders

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Each week during the Holiday Challenge, we post a resistance workout with muscle-strengthening movements. These are short, modifiable workouts you can incorporate into your routine–remember, adding movement is the goal! While we include some modifications, we encourage you to perform or search for additional ones as needed. Also, keep in mind the following as you engage in these workouts or any other physical activity.

General Reminders:

  • Disclaimer: Individuals should seek medical evaluation and clearance from a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. All activities should be carried out at a pace and intensity that is comfortable for the individual.
  • Be as physically active as any health conditions, injuries or disabilities allow. Refer to these resources to find activities that fit your lifestyle.
  • Increase your activity levels gradually, especially if this is the beginning of your fitness or resistance journey. Take into account where you are now and add movement to your routine in small increments.

Workout Reminders:

  • Warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate slowly with at least 5 minutes of low-intensity activity like walking or marching in place.
  • Workouts and/or individual exercises can be performed with specific numbers of sets and repetitions or by performing the exercise with specific “work” and “rest” intervals.
  • Adjust the number of repetitions, sets, exercise duration, and/or rest intervals to make the workout your own.
  • Prioritize proper form over repetition number, weight, or time interval. Using proper form will prevent injury and help you engage the target muscle(s) for the movement.
  • Use a slow, steady tempo to maintain control during resistance movements.
  • All exercises can be performed using only your body weight, but cans or water bottles make great light weights if you would like to add a small challenge.
  • Engage in a few minutes of light stretching after you finish a workout. Hold static stretches for 30 seconds to a point where you feel some tension but no pain.

Try any of our modifications, challenges or search for additional resources to build your workouts! Also, don’t forget to make your movement enjoyable! Play music or a podcast while you are working your muscles, take your movement outside if the weather is nice, or invite family members or friends to join. How are you going to include muscle-strengthening activities in your movement routine this week?

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