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Week #7 of the Holiday Challenge, we are focusing on strengthening our entire body with an EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout! Every minute on the minute (EMOM) workouts are a type of HIIT workout and combine short, maximal efforts with rest intervals. While this is a muscle-strengthening workout, performing it in a HIIT-style… Continue reading »

Growing up, I loved riding horses. If it was a clear and sunny Saturday, I was begging my parents to take me to ride. When I passed by the old fence post leading into the pasture where the horses were grazing, I couldn’t wait to jump out and start riding. But, one day I lost… Continue reading »

Cooler weather often means more inside workouts. Running on a treadmill does not have to be boring or less intense than your outside workout. In fact, running on a treadmill can be a great way to do an interval workout. An interval workout is one that varies the intensity by going faster and slower for… Continue reading »