Why Do Restaurant Salads Taste Better Than Homemade Salads?

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When you go to a restaurant and order a salad, whether it is an entrée salad or a small appetizer size, ever wonder why it tastes so much better than what you make at home? There are lessons to be learned from the pros of salad making. Here are the top 5 ways to make your home salad taste like a chef is in your kitchen.

  1. Temperature – keep all ingredients cold, you can even chill the plates you are going to
    use it to keep the salad ice cold.
  2. Ingredients – choose fresh ingredients and use a variety of ingredients. Just lettuce is a
    boring salad. Try different lettuces, shredded carrots, chopped cucumbers, dried fruit,
    cherry tomatoes, and diced fruit. Also, cut the ingredients into appropriate sizes, even cherry
    tomatoes should be cut in half for easier eating. Harder vegetables such as carrots are
    best shredded.
  3. Dressing – place all of your ingredients in a very large bowl and toss well with the
    dressing. Serving the dressing on the side and allowing each person to top their salad
    results in a few bites with too much dressing and some bites that may have no dressing.
    You can use far less dressing this way and each piece of your salad will have just the
    right amount of dressing. Try making your own dressing. It is super easy and you can
    find recipes here.
  4. Plating – plate your salad using tongs or a gloved hand to allow the salad to lightly sit on the
    plate. This gives the salad some height and interest.
  5. Texture – top the salad with the final ingredient to add some crunch. This may be sliced nuts,
    sunflower seeds, croutons, or even a sprinkling of toasted bread crumbs. This final step
    makes all the difference.

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