Are Cara Cara Oranges Good?

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Winter is a season for oranges without a doubt. Oranges are available in abundance these days and come in many different varieties – mandarin, navel, tangerine, clementine, and blood orange to name just a few. One variety of oranges on the market is Cara Cara. It is actually a type of navel orange that developed due to a bud mutation. If you are not sure about this variety, it is definitely worth a try. It is my favorite variety due to a few reasons:

  • Vibrant color – Cara Cara oranges have a red to pinkish flesh much like the color of a grapefruit on the inside.
  • Sweet taste – Cara Cara oranges are much sweeter in taste with lower acidity as compared to a navel orange. An added plus is they are seedless!
  • Nutrient packed – Cara Cara oranges provide 150% of a day’s vitamin C, 30% of a day’s vitamin A and are also a good source of folate. A medium Cara Cara orange is just 80 calories.

You can enjoy them just like a plain orange for a snack or add them to a salad to jazz it up. So, the next time you are in the produce aisle trying to decide which type of oranges to put in your cart, give Cara Cara a chance. Let us know if you enjoyed the fruit in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Are Cara Cara Oranges Good?

  1. I enjoyed the taste. If they can figure out an easy-to-peel variety, I’m in. Still a bit messy to eat.

  2. I have eaten the Cara Cara orange. I liked them but think I still prefer a good Florida navel orange. As long as the orange is juicy and sweet I’ll take either one.

  3. I love these oranges, too! I look forward to their availability each winter and am sad to see them go when the season ends.

  4. I tried Cara Cara’s a few weeks ago and liked them so much that I went back and bought another bag. I have been eating one everyday for a snack or dessert. They’re delicious! It’s good to know that they’re also very nutritious.

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