Holiday Challenge Workout #5

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Muscle-strengthening activities are an essential part of your movement routine. They can help make your everyday life a little easier while also contributing to your weekly physical activity goals. The weekly workouts are short and modifiable so you can modify them as needed to fit them to your activity level and goals. Check out our Holiday Challenge Workout Reminders for more recommendations and tips to make these workouts your own.

This week, we have an upper-body workout! This workout can be performed standing or seated.

Week #5: Upper Body

  • Rest 15 seconds after completing each movement before starting the next one.
  • Aim to complete each movement 3 times. You can complete all 3 sets for one movement before going to the next, or complete 1 set of each movement and repeat all 5 a total of 3 times.
  • Challenge: For each of these movements, you can add weights to increase the intensity. Canned foods can make a great set of light weights.

Arm Circles – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Extend your arms straight out at shoulder height making a “T” position. Slowly rotate from your shoulder to make forward, dinner plate-sized circles with your hands. Switch halfway to make backward circles.
  • Modification: Perform with one arm at a time.

Alternating Punches – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Start by forming fists with your hands and bringing them to your shoulders. Punch one arm out by extending it so that your arm is straight out in front of you. Return your arm to the starting position. Alternate punches with each arm, keeping your core tight the entire time.

Seated Triceps Press – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Sit at the front of your chair. Place your hands on the armrests or edge of the chair. Press up through your arms until they are extended. Slowly descend back to a seated position, allowing your arms to bend to the original position. 

Row – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Keeping your back flat, lean your upper body towards your thighs. Start with your arms extended towards the ground. Keeping your elbows close to your body, draw your elbows upwards as you squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Modification: Perform with one arm at a time.

Combo Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Begin with arms extended at your side and palms facing forward. Keeping your upper arms stationary, bend at the elbow to curl your hands up to your shoulders and squeeze your biceps muscles. Pause with your hands at shoulder height. Slowly extend your arms and press your hands overhead. Lower your hands back to shoulder height, then back to your sides to complete the repetition.
  • Modification: Perform with one arm at a time.

Check back next week for another workout and check out our other weekly workouts!

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  1. Doing more stretching has helped me tremendously. Eating better and meditation are key to success.

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