National Physical Activity and Sports Month

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A man holding two dumbbells, demonstrating strength and fitness.

May is National Physical Activity and Sports Month. We know that staying active is an important continuum throughout our lives for our physical and mental well-being.


Adhering to 60 minutes of vigorous activity a day benefits their growing bodies and leads to a lifetime of movement. A body in motion stays in motion. Visit this website for information about kid’s physical activity and health weight.


For adults, finding 150 minutes a week to be active improves strength and cardiovascular health which is essential for overall fitness.

Aging Adults

As we age, finding activities to increase flexibility, mobility, and balance are important for our overall health and safety. This link outlines ways to protect your health as you age.

How can we plan to move throughout the week? The Move Your Way activity planner is an interactive tool that reminds us of physical activity guidelines and helps us create a unique activity plan based on our lifestyle and goals to meet physical activity recommendations. The activity planner helps us to identify why we want to get active and what kind of activities we are interested in, focusing on lifestyle and what stage of life we are in. Based on our responses, the activity planner gives you potential activities to participate in throughout the week and helps you to make a comprehensive plan inclusive of both aerobic and strength-building activities.

Sometimes, making a plan to be active is the first little step we need to start building a good habit. I challenge you to plan to be active this month, whether with this tool or another way that is helpful for you. Plan on being active this month and move your way!

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