A Spin Bike for Christmas

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Dear Santa,

I was surprised when my wife asked for a spin cycle for Christmas, you know, one of those indoor bikes for exercising. They are a bit more innovative than the indoor bikes of yesterday and range from the low three to four figures depending on what you like. She had mentioned it a couple of times before and had even gone so far as to put one in her on-line shopping cart. Okay, to be honest, it’s one of a dozen things in her on-line cart waiting to be purchased, but it was at the top of the page, so it must be high on her wish list.

The price wasn’t bad and judging from the description, it wouldn’t take up much space. Still, I am a bit cautious. I mean, a husband getting exercise equipment for his spouse is a lot like buying her a vacuum or mixer for her birthday; the intent may be good, but the road to sleeping on the couch was paved with good intentions. And then there was that elliptical I bought her seven years ago, the one that she started using fast and furiously for the first six months until we discovered that it could hold clothes. It is now taking up space and collecting dust in the garage. Santa, this is not an easy decision, though I know she really wants and will probably use the spin cycle frequently. She recently registered for the Eat Smart, Move More, Maintain don’t gain Holiday Challenge and was attending spin classes at the university recreation center. Anyhow, I must decide and am looking for your advice.



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4 thoughts on “A Spin Bike for Christmas

  1. YES! Do it 🙂 It’s a great idea, you will both benefit right away and in the long run. Maybe set up a workout room with the elliptical, a yoga mat, music, tv or computer to play dvds and even a log book to make note of each work out. Fun!

    1. That’s a fantastic idea, to add more to the room to encourage activity. And to make it fun- love it.

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