“My A1C level has dropped by more than 3 whole points”

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“I wanted toonline weight loss share some exciting news! I mentioned previously that a greater and more important issue for me is/was learning to take better care of myself. While I am still on the weight loss journey, I am pleased to share that my A1C level has dropped by more than 3 whole points. I am now in the healthy range!

I took this course to work on being on the healthy side of the A1C number, as diabetes runs very deeply on both sides of my family. I am learning a great deal about taking care of myself even though I’ve been pretty health conscious for the past 10 years. The challenge is combating that pre-cursor of heredity. I was never one to think I know it all, I’d seen the advertisement for this course many times before, even encouraging others at my workplace to participate. This time it was and still is personal. My intent wasn’t to be so long in my post, but rather to say thank you for all that you’re teaching and for your encouragement. I’ll see you, but you won’t see me tomorrow! :-)”

– Recent Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less Participant