Aspirational versus Inspirational

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In my recent blog post, Avoid the Trap of Comparison, I referred to “health and wellness” social media content as aspirational. I did this because most of social media’s “health and wellness” content is aspirational. 

Aspiration refers to ambition whereas inspiration refers to the urge to do something. Aspiration motivates an individual to achieve a goal in the future, while inspiration is the trigger for aspirations. Inspiration comes from within the individual and aspiration focuses this energy toward future goals.

Translating aspirational content–from any source not just social media–into attainable practices can be a big step toward achieving personal goals and growth. While it is important to have a vision or goal to aspire to, it is often difficult to put that vision into practice in an achievable and sustainable way. 

The key is to break down the aspirational content into smaller, actionable steps or practices that can be implemented daily. This involves identifying specific behaviors or actions that align with the aspirational content and then developing habits around those actions. By focusing on these smaller, attainable practices, individuals can make progress toward their larger goals in a way that feels manageable and sustainable over time.

Don’t forget to add fun to your practices! In order to sustain a new habit, there must be something rewarding–fun–about the process to make it worthwhile to continue long-term.

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2 thoughts on “Aspirational versus Inspirational

  1. I really appreciation the defining of aspirational. I never thought of that word before and it make sense to set small goals to achieve larger goals

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