Calories Never Take a Holiday

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As a follow up to my Calories Never Take a Vacation blog from summer, I thought of how we may creatively battle the fact that Calories Never Take a Holiday—especially during the holidays. These days are upon us now, and you have challenged yourself to maintain and not gain for the next few weeks. In addition to eating healthier portions and utilizing recipes shared throughout this challenge, I encourage you to try the following each weekday:holiday challenge

Monday March:  Instead of just gazing at holiday parades on the television, design your own marching parade around your home. Think of what the movements would be like if you’re in the marching band or carrying the large helium characters aloft.

Tuesday Trot:  Pick up the pace and create own Turkey Trot (even after Thanksgiving!)— yes, you may go only 1k or 2k or stretch it to 3k— plus, emulate the turkey and get your neck into it. You can’t fly well and neither can they, but bat your wings and get silly with the kids (or the big kids at heart in your home).

Wednesday Wrap:  Put different items needed to wrap your packages in various rooms throughout your homes (tape, bows, paper, tags, scissors ) and move from room-to-room while wrapping. It need not be a sit-still activity!

Thursday Thanks: Each Thursday, practice some mindful movements like chair yoga or visual imagery to calm yourself for maybe 10 to 15 minutes. Look in favorite holiday magazines and see yourself (place yourself) in some cozy room and/or scenic wintry overlook while breathing deeply.  Find your heartbeat, your breathing pattern, your own centered rhythm while reminding yourself of the ‘why’ you celebrate this season– away from the bustle of shopping and free yourself momentarily from the frenetic pacing of 21st-Century-Holiday-Grind.

Friday Fa La La Festivity :  Jam out for 20 minutes to your favorite holiday carols/songs with your own dance party.  Mimic that yuletide favorite singer by physically grabbing the broom handle (microphone stand) and creating your own stage with plenty of Christmas karaoke and rocking (AND rolling, too) around the Christmas Tree. It’s your holiday concert—your dance moves— your fun. Just don’t sit still.

Saturday and Sunday Santa Sled Pull— OK, I don’t really expect you to pull a sled, but wanted to remind you of the importance of strength training to build lean muscle mass and potentially increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR). I encourage you to take a look at this site { } for your holiday weekend days and MOVE STRONG and MORE throughout these festive weeks. We can all maintain a healthy weight with a bit of creativity.

Happy and Healthy Holidays, folks!

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  1. In one of your blogs, you mention to stretch in the morning. This has really helped me. 15 minutes every morning. Thanks.

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