Calories Don’t Recognize Vacations

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I hear it all the time while teaching Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less (and Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes):  “ I was doing so great on t r a c k i n g and moving until vacation hit. “  I don’t dream of telling anyone that vacation season is prime weight loss/ weight-maintenance time.greg-rusty-vacay-1024x708 It simply is not. However, one need not allow the calorie monster to win each time one takes some R & R. Since calories don’t recognize vacation, I have four simple steps to counterbalance the not-so-inevitable weight gain:

  • Schedule movement with your friends, family members, pets during vacation. I always plan some form of movement for each day of vacation. There is never a sedentary day during my vacay (hey, that rhymes!). I recently incorporated some kayaking with Rusty (gotta mention the pooch) during some coastal R & R in summer of 2016.
  • Plan meals so that eating out need NOT be the order of the day. One of the great things to do pre-vacation is plan meals and snacks among your traveling compatriots. Spread the joy and lessen the cooking-cleaning chores with a detailed plan for the cottage or cabin or campsite. Include trips to farmers’ markets and utilize for help in finding fresh produce throughout NC (if NC is your vacation destination).
  • When going out for that special vacation meal (we all do it), try to decide on healthier choices before entering the restaurant. Use the restaurant’s website to see if nutritional information is available. Decide what you plan to order prior to going through the front door—– and WRITE IT DOWN, so specials don’t sway you into unhealthy eating.
  • Remain mindful of alcohol intake during your down time. With 7 calories per gram, alcohol should be consumed in moderation during vacation and all times. One need NOT over-indulge with alcoholic drinks to have serious fun while vacationing.

Oh, above all else—– have some FUN and enjoy time away from the daily grind. We at Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less and Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes, shall be cheering for your healthiest best.

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