My Experience with Orangetheory Fitness

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If you have read my earlier blog, you know how and why I joined Orangetheory Fitness, a group fitness studio. Today, I want to share a little more about my experience with Orangetheory – in a nutshell, it’s awesome!

When I walked in this studio for the first time, I wondered about the name. In case you are also curious about why it’s called what it is, it’s because you aim to be in the ‘orange’ zone where your heart rate is at 84% or more for 15 – 22 minutes of your 1-hour session. A trained fitness coach leads the group (maximum 24 per session) through an hour of alternating cardio and strength training workouts.  Each workout is designed so participants switch between their ‘base pace’, ‘push pace’ and an ‘all-out pace’ at short intervals so the heart rate can increase and then recover throughout the workout. Whether you are a power-walker, jogger or a runner there is something for everyone.surabhi-orange-2

Participants wear a heart-rate monitor that connects to an in-studio screen that displays their heart rate, the ‘zone’ that you are working in and your calorie burn throughout the session. The studio is stocked with treadmills, water rowers (something I had never used before!), free weights, Bosu balls, ab dollies, and TRX suspension belts – participants use these as directed during the workout in an organized fashion. The coaches are motivating, encouraging and engaging.

Being able to see my calorie burn as I go through each session has been a true motivator for me. Additionally, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone is easier when I see others around me working hard as well. A summary of the workout is emailed after the session is complete so you can track your progress and calories burned if needed.

Orangetheory has been great for me – every workout is different and it gives me the opportunity to work a little harder each time. Workouts at this studio have allowed me to lift weights I had never touched and press down on treadmill speed/incline buttons I had never imagined using before!!

The only downside to this fitness studio is the price….while there are gym options starting at $10/month, Orangetheory Fitness costs $99/month for an 8-session package. However, the support from a fitness coach and a structured workout makes the price worth it for me. There is an option for unlimited sessions and you can bring down the per session cost based upon how many times you go per month or you can choose to pay per session.

If you have found a new or have a favorite way to get your physical activity in, please share it below.