Holiday Challenge Week #7 Workout

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This week, the final workout is designed to strengthen your whole body again!

Muscle-strengthening activities are an important part of any movement routine. They can contribute to your weekly physical activity goals while also helping you feel stronger and making everyday life a little bit easier. The weekly workouts are designed to be short and modifiable so you can tailor them to your activity level and goals. Check out our Holiday Challenge Workout Reminders for more information and tips to guide you through these workouts.

Week #7: Total Body

  • Rest 15 seconds after completing each movement before starting the next one.
  • Aim to complete each movement 3 times. You can complete all 3 sets for one movement before switching to the next, or complete 1 set of each and then repeat all 5.

Squat to Overhead Press – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Modification: Try using only your body weight. Squat down to a seated position in a chair, then stand and repeat.
  • Challenge: Pulse at the bottom of the squat before standing into the overhead press. Add or increase weight for greater intensity.

Reverse Lunge – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Modification: Hold onto another stable object or surface for support.
  • Challenge: Hold at the bottom for 2 seconds before returning to your starting position.

Scapular Wall Slide – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Think about squeezing your shoulder blades back and down to complete this movement. Pause for 1 – 2 seconds at your full range of motion before returning to the starting position.

Shoulder Circles – 45 seconds

  • Aim to hold your arms at shoulder height throughout, and switch directions halfway through the interval.
  • Modification: Perform from a seated position. Perform on one side at a time.
  • Challenge: Hold a light weight in each hand.

Bird-Dog – 16 repetitions OR 45 seconds

  • Standing Option: Place your hands against a wall for support. Position your feet so that you are leaning forward slightly. Extend one leg away from the wall and reach the opposite arm up towards the ceiling.
  • Modification: Lift and extend one arm, lower, then lift and extend your opposite leg.
  • Challenge: After extending, perform a crunch by touching your elbow to your opposite knee under your stomach and then lower both to the ground.

Check out our previous weekly workouts for more ideas to add to your movement routine!