Start Your Morning on the Right Foot

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Unless you are an early bird through and through, you might struggle to jump right out of bed ready to tackle the day every single morning. Not to mention the “morning rush” you may experience trying to get your household and yourself out the door. It is time to check in with yourself and evaluate your mornings. What steps can you take to make your mornings a positive and less-stressful start to your day?

Here are a few tips to start your morning on the right foot:

  • Make sure you are getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It is hard to trick your body into feeling energized when you do not allow yourself enough time to rest.
  • Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day. Our bodies naturally follow a sleep-wake rhythm and this consistency can help you get more restful sleep.
  • Don’t hit the snooze button. Drifting back to sleep only to wake up a few minutes later will only make you more tired. Place your alarm out of arm’s reach so that you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.
  • Drink water when you wake up. Keep a cup on your nightstand and drink it as soon as you get out of bed to start hydrating for the day.
  • Create a wake up routine. It does not have to be long or fancy, but this routine can serve as a signal to your body and brain that it is time to start the day. A simple routine could be getting out of bed to turn off your alarm, drinking a cup of water, and washing your face.
  • Prepare for your morning the night before.
    • Lay out clothes for work or your morning workout (or both!) before you go to bed.
    • Similarly, pack any work, gym or school bags in advance to save you time in the morning.
    • Have a breakfast plan ready. Decide what you are making the night before or meal prep something, such as overnight oats, that is ready to go in the morning.
  • Give yourself a good reason to get out of bed. Buy a special coffee or tea to drink when you wake up. Have a family breakfast if busy schedules make finding time for family dinners difficult.
  • Eat a well-rounded breakfast. Include a whole grain, protein, and fruit or vegetable to keep you full until lunch. See our More Reasons to NOT Skip Breakfasts blog for health benefits that come with eating a good breakfast.
  • Wake up a few minutes earlier. While this means you will have to go to bed a bit earlier as well, having some extra time in the morning can reduce any “morning rush” stress and let you start your day on a more relaxed note. Use your extra morning time to go for a walk, journal, pack a lunch, prepare a slow-cooker meal for dinner or do a short workout – whatever helps prepare you to tackle your day!

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