Summer Activity: Play in a Park

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Summer means lots of time outdoors. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with my family activity5-year-old great nephew. As a 3-year-old, we had visited the park very near my home.  Even though the park was simple, he continued to talk about our visit often, reminding me of the fun we had. At a recent visit, he asked once again to go back to the park.  So, off go two adults and five-year-old holding hands walking to the park.

The half mile walk was hardly noticed as we anticipated all the things we might do when we arrived. Once there we enjoyed climbing, swinging, sliding, seesawing, pretended to cook…simply playing. An hour later, with big smiles, sand in our shoes and sweat on our brow, we joyfully walked home.

Grab a child (your own or borrow one) and enjoy a visit to a park. You will get to see joy on little faces and get a bit of activity for yourself. Best of all, you will create lasting memories that being active is fun.



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