The Holiday Movie Workout Game

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Movies are a great way to soak in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, movies require a lot of sitting…until now! Most movies, especially holiday movies, have reoccurring phrases, activities, or themes throughout the movie. I’ve taken these reoccurring events and assigned an activity to them. So for example, in Elf, every time you see an elf you have to stand up and jump up in the air. If you wanted to add some holiday spirit maybe you could jump up and yell “ELF!” and get excited like Buddy.  Make it your own, be creative, and modify it to your ability level. Hope that this serves as a fun, active movie watching experience for you and your family this season!


Every time…

  • You see an elf: Stand up and jump into the air 5 times
  • Walter seems angry: Do pushups (on the ground or against a wall/couch)
  • Buddy eats candy or maple syrup: 10 arm circles (remember to go in both directions)
  • Buddy screams “Santa!”: 5 sit-ups
  • Anyone sings: 10 squats
  • Buddy seems mesmerized by something: 10-second superman*

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Every time…

  • Someone wears seen wearing a Christmas sweater: 5 Jumping jacks
  • A Christmas song is sung or played: 10-second superman
  • Aunt Bethany Speaks: 10 squats
  • Clark’s plans are ruined/changed: Pushups (on the ground or against a wall/couch)
  • Someone’s safety is in danger: 10 arm circles (Remember to go in both directions)
  • Anyone says “Sparky”: 5 sit-ups

A Christmas Story

Every time…

  • Someone says “Red Ryder: Pushups (on the ground or against a wall/couch)
  • Someone is dared to do something: 10 squats
  • Someone says or mentions “shooting your eye out”: 5 jumping jacks
  • Mrs. Parker is in the kitchen: 10-second superman
  • Someone says “Santa” 20 arm circles (remember to go in both direction)
  • Ralphie daydreams: 5 sit-ups

Any Hallmark Movie

Every time…

  • Someone meets someone from their past: 20 jumping jacks
  • It snows/is snowing: 20 arm circles (remember to go in both directions)
  • Someone’s Christmas plans get ruined/changed: Pushups (on the floor or against a wall/couch)
  • Someone is making cookies or holiday drinks: 10-second superman
  • People are decorating in any way for Christmas: 20 squats
  • You see carolers/someone goes caroling: 10 sit-ups

*How to do a Superman exercise:

  • Begin lying with your belly on the floor, your head in a neutral position, and your arms extended over your head to create a straight line from the tips of your fingers to your toes.
  • Slowly lift your arms and legs off of the ground at the same time, squeezing the muscles in your butt as you lift.

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