Yoga Pants Glory

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A friend of mine recently shared with me that “Labor Day weekend may be the end of the summer, but it’s the beginning for the best season ever….Yoga Pant Season.” Ladies, it time to pull out those wonderful pants we have fallen in love with – Yoga pants. You may even want to treat yourself to a new pair, the colors, the textures, the lengths….the options are endless.

Woman practicing yoga

While just plain comfortable to wear it present us with another great reminder to be active. With the change in season, it gives those who like being outdoors in cooler weather the opportunity to be active outside of the gym walls. Walking, hiking, running, biking, are all great fall activities.

In fact, walking is about to get a real boost in the ratings from the Surgeon General. The evidence on the benefits of walking are many including reduced risk for chronic disease, better mood, better sleep, and help with weight management. Look for his soon to be released call to action to get out and walk.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – you can also take yoga in your yoga pants.