6 Moves to Stay Motivated in March

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It’s March – How are things going with your healthy goals for the year? Here are 6 moves to help you keep motivated.

  1. Change a Password

Pick an Account you use frequently and change the password. I have used words like Healthier, Mindful, Exercise, Breathe, Relax, Ignore the Excuses, and other words to remind me about the healthy goals I have set.

2. Follow New Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook Accountsstay motivated

Put something positive on your Facebook or Instagram feed with motivational quotes or pictures. Have them show up in your feed first so you see them frequently!

3. Make a Healthier Version of a Recipe

NCAA basketball tourney is about to start, St. Patricks’s Day is coming up, and Easter is next month. Find a recipe you like and modify it to make it healthier.

4. Try Out a Gym

By March, the allure and excitement of the new exercise routine can fade or may be gone. Go find a gym and get a one day or a week pass and try out their equipment or a class you have never done.

5. Exercising at Home?

If you can’t get to a gym, there are a growing number of programs you can download and try at home. This year I tried out LesMills workouts and a travel workout by Sarah Smith.

6. Walk/Run Events

As the weather warms up, the number of runs and walks increase across the US. There are runs around charities, holidays, or just for fun.  A couple sites I like to check:

2 thoughts on “6 Moves to Stay Motivated in March

  1. Thanks for sharing the social media accounts, I will be sure to follow some of them. I like the idea of making a healthier version of recipes, I cook the same food over and over again so I think Im going to try to make it a healthy version.

    1. You can do it DJ! We have lots of great recipes under the “Tools” tab and then “Recipes” at the top of this page, or feel free to check out our sister site, MedInsteadofMeds.com for additional recipes. 🙂

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