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6 Steps to Changing your Exercise Routine

Change is hard. Changing exercise routines can be difficult and often people stop exercising when their schedules or life circumstances change. Here are some steps that helped me transition from after-work runs to early morning workouts this summer. Have a reason to change your routine If you don’t have a reason, changing your routine is […]

Two Years of a Gym Membership

So it’s been two years since I got my gym membership. I shared my strength training success after joining the gym, and continue to share my journey with you. This year, Most of my successes and challenges this year have outside of the gym walls and away from the weights and machines. The workouts keep […]

The Skinny on Holiday Cocktails

This is one of my favorite blogs of the year. I enjoy looking up new drink ideas and tips for this blog. This December will be different. We will not be hosting our annual Christmas party featuring Sergeant Gunnery’s Eggnog. We will not be attending parties either. It is the reality of 2020. So instead […]

My Strength Training Success Story

Strength training twice a week is one of the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less strategies. I wasn’t incorporating this strategy in my lifestyle so I decided to try it for six months and see what would happen. I’ve highlighted some of my successes and how I have celebrated them without using food. If you […]

Why Employees Participate in Corporate Wellness Challenges and Activities

Employees participate in wellness challenges for a lot of different reasons. A strong wellness program or challenge should include components that incorporate many of those reasons. Provide Opportunities to Make Healthy Changes Screenings, wellness challenges, wellness fairs, and disseminating health-related information via company networks are good starting places to help employees be more aware of […]

6 Moves to Stay Motivated in March

It’s March – How are things going with your healthy goals for the year? Here are 6 moves to help you keep motivated. Change a Password Pick an Account you use frequently and change the password. I have used words like Healthier, Mindful, Exercise, Breathe, Relax, Ignore the Excuses, and other words to remind me […]

Vegetable of the Week: Jicama

Jicama Jicama is a root  vegetable that is used in South American and Asian cuisine.  Jicama is pronounced as “hecama”. It has been compared to an apple, asian pear, crunchy potato, water chestnut, or turnip. The vegetable is great source of fiber and tastes different depending on how you prepare it. Previous Experience:  I have […]