Two Years of a Gym Membership

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So it’s been two years since I got my gym membership. I shared my strength training success after joining the gym, and continue to share my journey with you. This year, Most of my successes and challenges this year have outside of the gym walls and away from the weights and machines. The workouts keep me honest and help me to get other places I want to be.

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I started off with a 10 Mile race in April 2018.. over hills… down hills.. over more hills.. I made it!

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We spent a week this fall hiking in Idaho and then in Yellowstone National Park.

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I was getting ready to train for a half marathon and went to see a Physical Therapist. That has changed everything for the last six months. We started working on ankle strength and quickly learned that my left hip was really weak and tight. So I have spent a lot of time working on stretching and strengthening some very small muscles that are responsible for a lot of movement and stability. Once these muscles are stabilized and strong I will go back to heavier training. But yes, I can still do decline pushups.

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