My Strength Training Success Story

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Strength training twice a week is one of the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less strategies. I wasn’t incorporating this strategy in my lifestyle so I decided to try it for six months and see what would happen. I’ve highlighted some of my successes and how I have celebrated them without using food. If you want more ideas, we have put together 50 Ways to Celebrate Success with Non-Food Rewards.

Success #1:  I joined a gym.

I hate running in the summer because it is so hot. I hate running in the winter because it is cold. This winter I realized that I wasn’t doing that much running at all and I wasn’t very strong. I couldn’t actually do a full sit-up. I’ve worked out at home sporadically, done yoga occasionally, and we hike and take our dog on walks.  But I wasn’t being consistent. So I joined a gym to get more serious about building my strength. This was a huge success.

Celebration: Finding and posting inspirational quotes and pictures on social media.

I started following I love running and created “Core Moves” and “Inspirational Quotes” boards on Pinterest. I’ve posted about my workout adventures and take the time to comment on other people’s posts. Creating this community has been fun and very motivating.

Success #2:  I go to the gym.

I have gone to the gym at least twice a week for the last six months. I have gone in the morning, after work, and on weekends depending on my schedule each week. I have tried circuit training, TRX ropes, spin class, yoga, and straight up weight lifting with a trainer. I really like the HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval Training) routines. Every week that I go to the gym contributes to the success and makes me more motivated to keep going.

Celebration: I take naps.

I love naps and I have found that as I am strength training my body needs more time to recover at 40 years old than it did at 30. I love it when there is time on a Saturday or Sunday for a good, long nap after my workout.

Success #3: I have not quit.

You’ll notice I don’t say anything about weight. Well, there is a reason for that. For some reason, my 40-year old body is not responding to weight training like it did at 30. I have not lost any weight in the last six months, according to the scale. BUT I have dropped 2 pant sizes and lost inches on my arms, hips, and waist. I actually have bicep muscles and my abdominal muscles are starting to show up too. I am really hoping my tricep muscles start to show up soon.

Not losing weight really rocked me for a while. I was so used to celebrating when I lost weight that I got frustrated when the scale wasn’t moving. But I have had success.

Celebration: I bought new running shoes.

I wore out a pair of running shoes in 6 months.  That is awesome! I bought a new pair 2 weeks ago and my feet are soooo happy. I kept bouncing up and down my first workout because they felt so good.

I buy a workout shirt on super sale that is just a little too tight and watch over time as I can eventually fit into it. The first one I bought is actually big on me now. I love it!!!

Success #4: I have an exercise journal.

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not journal. I have at least 10 that I have started but I don’t stay with for long. In April, I started writing down each workout I did.  I am still writing in my journal. It includes the exercises and how I feel or what I thought about the workout. That is it. It isn’t long. I keep it in my car and try to write in it after every workout.

Celebration: I honestly haven’t figured out how to celebrate this one. I think just seeing more and more pages fill up is celebration enough. I am pretty excited that this is one habit that has stuck.

Success #5: I have made connections with people.

I have connected with people in Canada over comments on a post about a Bosu ball and I have cheered on and celebrated friends as they are working out or starting healthier lifestyles. I have joined 2 different biking Facebook groups because apparently when you post a picture about getting your bike fixed – people start inviting you to go on rides.

Celebration: I say “Yes” to invitations.

I don’t even think “Can I do this?” “Do I have energy for this?” I know my body is stronger than it was 6 months ago. I say yes to bike rides after work with a coworker, joining a friend for a walk, hanging out in a pool with 6 nieces and nephews, hiking part of the Mountains to Sea Trail, and training for a 5 mile race with my husband.



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11 thoughts on “My Strength Training Success Story

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I found this post to be so encouraging for me. I am struggling right now with my diet and exercise and found some tips in your blog to be helpful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jan – Thank you so much for your comment! I have found a lot of motivation and encouragement from other people’s blogs and stories over this last six months. Glad to be able to share this part of mine.

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