Manners Matter Even at the Gym

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I enjoy going to a very affordable gym in my neighborhood. The equipment is new and well-maintained, the staff are very pleasant, media opportunities are available to combat boredom on the treadmill, and it is very clean.

Most people move about the gym focused on their workout with a quick nod to those they know or recognize as a gym compadre.

All of that makes for a good workout – with one big exception – those that don’t follow basic rules of good manners at the gym. While you will not see these rules posted in any gym, trust me from someone who has worked out in a gym for a lifetime – they matter.

Proper Gym Etiquette:

  1. Don’t place your water bottle, coat, or workout notes on benches or equipment you are not using. Manage your items without taking up valuable workout space for another member.
  2. Don’t sit on the equipment and text. If you need to text move to another location in the gym.
  3. Don’t sit on equipment or bench in between sets. GET UP. Someone else can use the equipment or bench as you take your minute or so break in between sets.
  4. Share the equipment.  Don’t place multiple sets of dumbbells in your area like they belong to you. They belong to everyone. Use the dumbbell set you need for your current set and replace it.

Everyone at the gym has one common goal to be healthier. Consider this list as you move through your workout.  Manners matter everywhere.

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