Caring for the Heart(s): Find Your Caring Fitness Community

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The photo shows two cards receivedheart simultaneously in late January 2017—one on the left is from Raleigh Crossfit and the one on the right is from the Alexander Family YMCA, also a Raleigh fitness institution. Both cards signify communities that look after my heart(s); yes, that last word is plural.

We all know from heart that we have two heart(s): one that is a four-chambered muscular organ which is vita for life, and one that makes us who we truly are, also vitally known as our spirit or our soul. One must find folks who will help us along life’s pathways to keep both heart(s) strong and nurtured.

The aforementioned cards arrived after a span of my absence from each location due to a family medial emergency involving my elderly parents and subsequent caregiving, a phase of life that I and many others struggle to explain to others not traveling through that arduous phase. Each community of fitness expressed their love and support, while equally expressing their longing for my return and their desire that I continue to look after myself— both encompassing my four-chambered organ and the true essence of ME, my soul/spirit/heart!

Find your caring fitness community that keeps you moving please— yes, find that community of positive social cues { as we state in our classes } folks who care for your heart and for your heart! You’ll be so glad they’re waiting for your return one day.

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