Dr. K. Participated in the Program to Refer Her Patients- This is Her Feedback

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Dr. K. wanted to check out the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program before referring her patients. After going through the program herself and completing all 15 classes, she provided us with the following feedback.pd_shareyourstoryballoon-948x1024

“I am concerned about the obesity crisis I see in this country and in my practice.  I know obesity significantly affects my patients with asthma so I have a special interest in any program that can impact weight loss.  I do not believe pills, strict diets, or even surgery is the long term fix.  Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less offers education, tips, and strategies that can be done for a lifetime.  I also believe a healthy diet coupled  with exercise offers the best strategy for sustained weight loss.

I attended all 15 classes.  I had a very good Registered Dietitian moderating and teaching our sessions.  While I knew a lot of the information, it got me thinking about ways to improve not only my diet and exercise, but to help my patients as well.  It was very worthwhile.” – Dr. K., MD