Fall Activities and Decorations for the Family

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A sense of gratitude fills the air when the house is full of autumn decorations. Grab your family or friends to try a few of these Fall activities and decoration ideas. This is an easy and fun ways to add Fall festivity into your home and to start a new tradition.

Painted Acorns

A family craft that is fun for the whole family is painting acorns. Collecting acorns is a great activity to get the kids outdoors, enjoying the cool weather, and moving more. Use festive colors such as orange, blue, green and gold to make your new craft stand out. Fill the painted acorns in a glass vase, bowl, or a basket.


A centerpiece is a great reminder to eat dinner as a family around the table with no distractions. This makes it much easier to eat mindfully and control portions. For a simple, do it yourself centerpiece; cushion candles, pumpkins, and berry garlands with Spanish moss in a wooden crate for a festive centerpiece. Or display apples,  eucalyptus stems, and different sizes of pillar candles on the table for an elegant centerpiece.

Think outside the pumpkin

Instead of sticking to the usual carving pumpkin routine, try a new tradition this year. Spice up your pumpkins with lace, fabric, and paint. These are easy and fun ways to add something new into your annual decoration routine. While decorating pumpkins try a few festive pumpkin recipes; Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Bundt Cake, or a traditional Pumpkin Pie.


There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to decorating your mantel. Use what the outdoors has to offer! Fill the ground under the mantel with different size pumpkins and a cozy wooden basket to hold your favorite blankets. By using the decorations already displayed on your mantel and simply changing the candle colors and flowers is an easy and effective way to embellish your house with fall essence.

Golden Glow

Warm up your home with your favorite fall scented candle with a twist. Fill a glass candle holder with nuts, dried berries, or dried corn and top it off with your favorite candle.