Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

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It’s the Day After Thanksgiving!

Congratulations to those who made mindfulholiday challenge choices during the holiday meal. I know that took some planning and determination!

If you are feeling discouraged today- please don’t be. Yesterday was just one day in the Holiday Challenge. It doesn’t mean that the challenge is over and you can’t be mindful or successful for the next month! Make a plan to add some extra movement in your day and focus on some of the positive things that have happened this week.

We will be traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday and will have had 2 Thanksgivings by Friday! We will be on the road on Friday to visit even more family.

As I prepare for the weekend, here is what I am thinking about:

  • How Do I get exercise into my routine over the holiday weekend? Am I shopping? Is there time to take a walk after our long car ride?
  • Am I choosing low-calorie beverages? What drinks can I pack in the car or have on hand so I have healthy drinks available at everyone’s house.

Let us know what you did the day after Thanksgiving to Maintain and Not Gain!

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