Meet My Personal Trainer Luna (And Her Trusty Sidekick Chewie)

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There’s nothing that will get me out of bed like these friendly faces. These two bundles of doggie joy have done more for getting me up and moving in the mornings than anything and anyone else. And now that everyone’s bladders have grown a bit, and I get to sleep in past 5 am on the weekends, I can say that with a big smile.jen-dogs-768x1024

So Chewie, the little Rottie in the picture is only five months and hasn’t quite discovered the joy of an early morning jog like his big sister…And quite frankly, he’s my husband’s handful in the mornings. The mischievous and energetic black –eyed mix gives me plenty to do all by herself. And I credit her fully with the revival of my running routine.

I haven’t done much running to speak of in about three or four years. In May I adopted Luna knowing that there were plenty of walks in my future. At 12 weeks old, it took her a while to learn to walk on a leash. Like many of us, there were times in the beginning that she practically had to be dragged down the street. Yeah, I know, dogs are supposed to love walking, but nobody told this to Luna, so it took her a while to realize how great it made her feel.

Fast forward a few months, she and I now hit the sidewalk daily, usually twice a day. Mornings are a little rushed, so we started running before work to save a little time. And boy does she love it! When she gets to run, she really shines. Who am I to deny my pup the joy she gets from running…such pure elation! I yearn for the day I get the kind of runner’s high she seems to get each time she springs forward.

Her need for speed is contagious. She’s not the kind of trainer that uses tough love. Her tactics are perfect. If we take it easy and walk, she gets distracted, pulls, stops to eat worms, etc. But when we run, she’s right by my side, encouraging me. I know I slow her down, but she’s just happy to jog, and in those moments when I have a burst of energy, she’s so excited to let her energy out – so happy to be running…bounding… loving life. She shows me how much fun it is to get outside and move…and for that, I am thankful.