Tired of the Same Old Fruit?

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Eating more fruit is one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean lifestyle. healthy snackIf you are like me, you sometimes get stuck in a fruit rut – apples, oranges, and the occasional banana. I love all fruit but just get in fruit jags that don’t make my fruit eating very exciting.

Enter kiwi. I love kiwi and I just forgot about it until I saw a big box of the cute brown furry fruit in the produce aisle. They are the perfect lunch addition or snack.  The other cool thing about kiwi as a snack it that you can really grab one and throw in your lunch bag with a spoon. Yes, the new thing is to cut and scoop out with a spoon. Easy enough, right?

So here some facts you may have know but forgot about KIWI:

  • Has more potassium than a banana
  • Has more fiber than most leading cereals
  • Has more Vitamin E and K than an avocado
  • Has more Vitamin C than an orange

How do you like to eat a kiwi? Any other “fun” fruits we should try?


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2 thoughts on “Tired of the Same Old Fruit?

  1. Love kiwi, but I forget to look for it while loading up on the familiar fruits at the store.
    My grandson watched me cut one and told me, “Don’t put that on my plate.” We will keep trying to explore new fruits and veggies.

    1. That is too funny– love that you are introducing him to new (and unique) options even if he is unsure at first. Let us know other ones you try!

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