5 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Black Friday Shopping

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Thanksgiving might be winding down, the feast is over, and you made it through your first holiday meal of the season! Hope everyone was successful in sticking to their goals and being mindful.

And just like that, another holiday has come and gone. Though we may have an abundance of leftovers in our fridge reminding us of the day’s fun, it’s time to start getting ready for the next holiday.exercise black friday

You’re probably thinking… “WHAT? ALREADY?!?

But ask yourself, what comes right after Thanksgiving? The prep for the winter holiday season!

There are people out there just waiting for it to be acceptable to crank up the carols. Others are getting the Christmas boxes out of storage as we speak. And of course, we can’t forget Black Friday and all the sales ­which now-a-days starts on Thursday. Thanksgiving has barely even ended before the “kick off” to the Christmas and Hannukah shopping season begins.

We switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas with no break in-between. And just like this hectic holiday season, there are no breaks when it comes to your health.

So, here are a few tips for squeezing in some time to work on your health while you shop:

  • Go shopping- Get up, get out, and go walk around your favorite stores. Shopping online may be great if you know exactly what you want, BUT walking around a store (or several stores) can lead you to find the perfect gift. Don’t be afraid to browse all the stores you pass. The more stores you browse, the more steps you take. Letting your fingers do all the walking doesn’t count as being active.
  • Use the parking lot as your warmup- We all have the same thought when we enter a parking lot… “How close can I get to the door?” Some of us will even circle the parking lot several times until a spot closer to the store opens. But let’s take advantage of the parking lot situation. Use it as an opportunity to warm up your muscles. Park as far away as you can and use that black top as your walking track!
  • Carry your items- Enhance your mall workout by adding some extra weight. You don’t have to buy ankle weights or put dumbbells in your purse for this to be possible. Simply carry your items rather than pushing them around in a shopping cart.
  • Don’t waste your time while in line- If you are anything like me, you may feel there is just not enough time in the day. Which is where taking advantage of the time we have comes into play. Standing in line is the perfect time to sneak in some extra movement. Try a few reps of bicep curls with the items you are holding while you wait to checkout. Other exercises you can do without drawing too much attention from other shoppers include: calf raises, marching in place, and shoulder stretches.
  • And lastly, go the extra mile- If you just have way too much stuff to carry and need a cart, go the extra distance and return the cart. It keeps the parking lots clear for other shoppers. And hey, you just might make the cart attendants day. Small acts of kindness, like your steps, can go a long way.

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