9 Ways to Promote a Worksite Wellness Program

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Employer sponsored wellness programs can be a huge incentive for employees to better their health. However, many times employees are unaware of wellness opportunities that are supported at workplace. Here are some ideas for HR managers and worksite wellness coordinators to bridge this gap and promote wellness programs so more employees can benefit from them:

  1. Include an article in your employee newsletter whether it’s monthly, quarterly or on some other regular schedule.worksite wellness
  2. Post flyers or posters on bulletin boards in break rooms or other high traffic areas.
  3. Include information on your office Intranet if you have one.
  4. Discuss the topic during new employee orientation and include an overview in employee manual.
  5. Promote the program through email announcements to employee listserv on a regular basis.
  6. Host a wellness fair to display and promote all employee wellness options.
  7. Announce during staff meetings and allow time for employees to clarify any questions.
  8. Hold a biometric screening for employees and provide them with resources on wellness programs available to them.
  9. Create a walking group, lunch-n-learn, or other event once a month to encourage participation.

Sometimes, it may take several times for an employee to see information about a wellness program before it sticks. Use one or a combination of strategies listed above to make an impact.

If your worksite sponsors the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program, please feel free to contact the program team at administrator@esmmweighless.com. We can provide you with custom ready-to-use marketing materials that can be used in variety of ways to announce the program to your employees.

Feel free to share an idea that has worked well to promote a wellness program at your worksite in the comments below.



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