Healthy Chocolate Desserts with Hidden Avocado

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You might already think this is a crazy blog post before reading it. But hear me out. Avocado desserts are delicious. Yes, really! Avocados create creamy, healthier desserts and you wouldn’t even know they are in there. In fact, all of these recipes I am about to share were given to groups of unsuspecting people (male and female) and no one noticed. No one even realized they were “healthier”, let alone had avocado in them. Notice I am saying these are healthier treats, not healthy treats, as they do still have sugar in them so it’s important to continue to be mindful of portions.

My favorite options I’ve tried so far are chocolate avocado brownies and chocolate avocado popsicles. Both these chocolate avocado fudge popsicles as well as these  turned out great. They are perfect for a warm summer night and the whole family loved them. They are quick and easy, and I used dark cocoa powder to bring more of a dark chocolate taste. No popsicle holders? A small paper cup and a popsicle stick work great too.


Another favorite are these chocolate, black bean, and avocado brownies. They are absolutely delicious! They have fooled many friends and family – most cannot believe there is avocado in them, let alone black beans too! You do need a high powered blender to make them though, but that results in a creamy batter without any noticeable black bean pieces. Best served with a dollop of frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream.

avocado brownies

Now use that same popsicle recipe and instead of freezing it, you can make a chocolate avocado mousse. I’ve tried both this dark chocolate avocado mousse or this same recipe for the popsicles and just refrigerated the mousse instead of freezing it. My mousse is not nearly as pretty as their picture, but I included it below anyway. I shared this with my husband before telling him what was inside– and he loved it. Both this mousse and the popsicle batter are also great with added strawberries or mixed into plain Greek yogurt. Also pictured are dark chocolate avocado cookies. Although they didn’t look like regular cookies because of their funny shape, they taste just as fudgey.



Hiding vegetables in dishes is one of my favorite past times (right after enjoying them as they are). I add pureed spinach into anything I can, more black beans into my brownies, and pumpkin into my baked goods. Do you have a sneaky vegetable dessert, or any recipe, I can try? Share it in the comments or send it to us on Pinterest!


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