“It can truly help you get control.”

“I was successful in losing 39.5 pounds with the class. I am still practicing what I learned, still walking 4 miles most wl_feetonscale_ts-766x1024days, lifting weights and even working my way up to jogging a little.

Since the class ended I have lost 24.2 lbs for a total of 63.7 (let’s just call it 64). I have now gone from being obese to NORMAL!! I actually have a normal BMI. I still want to lose enough to put me in the middle of my weight range and will continue to work to make that goal.

I cannot recommend the program enough for anyone struggling with weight. Don’t give up, never give up! Open your mind to realizing that you can make a change, big ones or lots of little ones that make a tremendous difference. I honestly feel like a different person, physically and mentally. Weight is such a challenge but with this program…not so much! It can truly help you get control.”