Exercise With Positive Thoughts for Positive Outcomes

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Life sometimes can seem challengingexercise motivation with additional stress and/or a busy schedule… especially this time of year! In order to stay motivated to exercise, and to keep exercising, I have been working on improving my thought process. I am actively trying to focus on the positives; the positives of exercise, the positive outcomes, the positive way I feel. Just continuing to put one foot in front of the other is a positive!

Exercise is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can interfere with thought processes.  During exercise, endorphins are released, which naturally cause a positive feeling within the body. Combining positive thoughts with exercise is therefore beneficial in assisting overall motivation and self-esteem. I find I am more motivated (to exercise but also to do other every-day tasks), feel more energized and not as fatigued, and have higher self esteem.

Two ways to help your thought process while exercising:

  1. Meditation or silence – impacts mood and alleviates mental distractions that affect thought process.
  2. Music- impacts mood, provides positive distraction of stress, and increases effort of performance. This is how I use music to stay motivated.

Incorporating positive thoughts with exercise through meditation and music encourages positive outcomes both physically and mentally. It has become an important part in my noticeable increase in happiness even with day to day challenges. The idea that if I push through a difficult exercise, then tasks in life can become just as attainable. Using positive thinking with exercise also allows me to refocus on solutions, decrease stress, and overall strengthen both my mind and body to overcome challenges and/or situations. Discouragement of the mind is limited and life goals seem much more easily achievable! Share in the comment section below if you have any strategies you use to stay positive or motivated while exercising.

3 thoughts on “Exercise With Positive Thoughts for Positive Outcomes

  1. I definitely use music. I also start with a few praise and worship songs to get me on a positive train of thought. Spotify has awesome playlists for both.

    1. Excellent idea, Kathy! We love how music can help us stay positive and motivated while we exercise, and the ability to create our own playlists (on Spotify for example) to change the tempo throughout the exercise.

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