Greek Yogurt Review

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The yogurt section of the grocery store seems to keep growing and growing. More choices and more brands mean more decisions to make. It’s hard enough to know which ones will taste good- but which ones are healthy choices? The amount of added sugars also seems to be increasing in flavored yogurts. According to Berkley Wellness, an average single serving of a flavored yogurt (6 ounces) has about 18 grams of added sugar – that’s one-third of the daily limit! It’s important to clarify the “added” sugars as there are naturally occurring sugar in all dairy (4-7 grams per serving). Key takeaway: ALWAYS read the label.

So where is the balance between taste, health, and price? Our team members reviewed and rated a few old and new yogurts to help you on our next shopping trip:

  1. Yogurt Brand and Name: Chobani Greek Yogurt – Mango on the Bottom
  1. Price: $0.80 at Walmart
  1. Calories: 140 per container (1 serving)
  1. Protein: 11g
  1. Added Sugar: 12g
  1. Pros: Great taste, fresh tasting mango chunks, good price, excellent source of protein, wide variety of flavors available
  1. Cons: Slightly high in sugar content; some of this comes from mango so I would be very interested in seeing the amount of ‘added sugar’ once Chobani switches to the new Nutrition Facts Label that will separate out the added sugar in products.
  1. Rating (0-5 stars): 4 stars

  1. Yogurt Brand and Name: Siggi’s 0% Yogurt – Orange and Ginger
  1. Price: $1.50
  1. Calories: 120 per container (1 serving)
  1. Protein: 17g
  1. Added Sugar: 6g
  1. Pros: Has more protein than sugar and really tastes good! It is thick and creamy like Greek yogurt.
  1. Cons: More expensive than other yogurts. Pretty tangy and takes some getting used to after sweeter yogurts – adding fruit helps though!
  1. Rating (0-5 stars): 4.5 stars

  1. Yogurt Brand and Name: Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt- Pomegranate
  1. Price: $0.99
  1. Calories: 110 per container (1 serving)
  1. Protein: 14g
  1. Added Sugar: 7g
  1. Pros: Great flavor and not too sweet, thanks to the pomegranate. It’s very creamy and never watery like other Greek yogurt brands. It’s their lowest sugar option for Greek yogurt and I love it as a break from plain yogurt (my go-to) or to grab and go. Competitive price.
  1. Cons: Slightly more sugar than I would like, wish it came in a larger container to portion out myself.
  1. Rating (0-5 stars): 4.5 stars

  1. Yogurt Brand and Name: Chobani Greek Yogurt “flip” – Peanut Butter Dream
  1. Price: $1.00
  1. Calories: 210 per container (1 serving)
  1. Protein: 12g
  1. Added Sugar: 19g
  1. Pros: Good concept, good taste, reasonably priced, excellent source of protein, wide variety of flavors available
  1. Cons: High in sugar and calories, honey roasted nuts add extra sugar, I prefer my yogurt snack to be below 150 calories; don’t think I can have this one regularly.
  1. Rating (0-5 stars): 3.5 stars

  1. Yogurt Brand and Name: Harris Teeter Carb Master Cultured Dairy Blend (not technically yogurt) – Blackberry
  1. Price: $0.55
  1. Calories: 70 per container (1 serving)
  1. Protein: 9g
  1. Added Sugar: 2g
  1. Pros: Even though I am used to eating yogurt high in sugar, I could barely tell the difference with this one only having 2 grams. Taste great, not bland. Great price.
  1. Cons:  Due to water being the first ingredient, the yogurt is not as creamy and thick as traditional yogurt and an artificial sweetener used to sweeten. Not as high in protein as Greek yogurt.
  1. Rating (0-5 stars): 3.5 stars

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2 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt Review

  1. I am high in my glucose levels so I have to cut back in sugars. Will plain yogurt with sugar free fruit preserves be ok? Not digging on granola and those types of additions.

    1. Hi Beverly, thank you for your question! In order to avoid added sugars, plain yogurt is a good option. It will only have a small amount of natural sugars. Sugar-free fruit preserves often use non-caloric sweeteners such as Splenda and consuming these is a personal preference.

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