Is your water bottle making you sick?

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The “green” trend of folks having a refillable water bottle as opposed to drinking so many disposable bottles of water is great. Less plastic bottles in the landfill. However, I recently sat in a meeting beside a water table and watched people refill their bottles all day. I was horrified to count the number of individuals who placed their bottle directly on the spout of the water cooler.

YIKES – I just wanted to jump up and warn everyone. So please, be careful that you are not making yourself sick refilling your water bottle. Be kind to others using the dispenser and don’t let part of the bottle that touches your lips to touch the dispenser.

Another issue with reusable water bottles is keeping them clean. They should be cleaned daily with soapy water and rinsed well. Be sure to clean the cap as well. If you want a more thorough cleaning every so often, use a bit of bleach mixed with water or vinegar mixed with water. If you use a straw, be sure to clean them daily as well.

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