“Progress is addictive. I am definitely a convert and am mindful of the effort it takes for success.”

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Sharon recently completed the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program and shares her experience below. She also recently used her new skill of mindfulness in the “real world” by only ordering a cup of coffee in the iconic San Francisco Ghiradelli’s chocolate store– now that is impressive! Way to go, Sharon!

Sharon’s Journeysharon_testimonial-1_edited

I received an email about the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program.  As it happens, long about Easter, a nephew and a niece set their wedding/reception dates for August.  Hmmm.  I thought “Gee, I better get myself back into shape and at a decent weight.”

I signed up for the Monday, 7pm class April to August 1.  In preparation for the class, I talked to a co-worker who was doing Weight Watchers. She loaned me her points book.  I was in shock….gee, chicken salad = 6 points!!  Anyways, in anticipation of the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less class, I diligently started recording my intake and points in a journal on Easter Sunday. I went to Michael’s Craft Store and purchased stickers for motivation in my journal, which really helped!

Three weeks later the class started.  It was phenomenal.  The regimen of recording one’s weight and exercise minutes was foreign to me, but I stuck with it.  I had never gone to or participated in an exercise or nutrition/weight program before.  The materials provided are great.  Greg is an inspirational instructor. Never judgmental, always supportive.

I set a Smart Goal of “By August 1, I will fit into my new dress for my niece’s wedding on 8/13 by exercising 30 minutes daily an eating wisely, I will break into the 140’s.”  I had my eye on my Calvin Klein dress, size 10 that I thought I would wear to the event. Well, this past weekend, I tried the dress on and I have decided to wear something else that looks even better!

I tried hard with portion control and exercise.  My job is heavy computer work so the ‘less screen time’ was a challenge I didn’t do well with trying to reduce it……plus, how can I give up Mark Harmon and NCIS reruns? But I learned it takes small steps so I continue to make progress.sharon_testimonial-2_edited

The picture on the right is from Ghiradelli’s chocolate factory/ice cream shop on a recent trip to San Francisco. Notice, I refrained from all that candy/ice cream and only had a cup of coffee while holding the menu!

Since Easter I have dropped 13 pounds, 8 of which were in the Program.  I had an annual physical last week, including cholesterol test.  My doctor was very pleased with the excellent numbers.  I told him about the program; he was very interested.

So, thank you for your excellent program.  Timing is everything and I truly lucked out. I had a goal and I had to get there. I am going to sign up again for the ‘holiday – maintain don’t gain‘…..in November.

Bottom line, Greg always said, “calories in, calories out”  I haven’t forgotten it.  I now make very careful choices.

Thank you for all you do.  You ROCK!!  Healthier awareness = longer life expectancy.

Progress is addictive.  I am definitely a convert and am mindful of the effort it takes for success. I will NOT go backwards, only forward!