“I truly believe this has saved my life.”

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I absolutely love the Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less program, james-with-kids1and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I truly believe that it has saved my life, and given me more quality time with my children.  In January this year, a doctor warned me that I had to lose weight.  The look on my doctor’s face after taking my pressure was terrifying.  I was too heavy, wasn’t eating right, and wasn’t getting enough exercise.  My blood pressure was dangerously high.  Being placed on blood pressure medicine was in my future.

Later that week, I received an Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less flyer.  I signed up.  I had to do something, and I was determined to make it work.  I attended class religiously. I tracked everything I ate and drank, changed what I ate and drank and how much, and moved more.  I now love stairs!  I also involved my wife and children.  We made it a point to find new parks to explore in the Triangle and surrounding areas.  We walked and hiked various trails.  I now own a bike and go bicycling with my family.  During the 15 week program, I lost 28 pounds, and now have great blood pressure.  My doctor was ecstatic at my follow-up in the 15th week.  I have continued tracking and moving, and signed up for the class again.  I strongly recommend this class.  It is an excellent way to easily improve your health and life!