Healthy Soup Recipes

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We have had a few chilly days here in Raleigh. Overall, this winter has been very mild compared to others, but still…. a cold day is a cold day. And what comforts us on a cold day? Soup! Soup is my go-to as soon as the temperatures start to dip. The possibilities are endless; hearty chili, vegetable-filled minestrone, or creamy squash with apple. And the ease of throwing everything into a pot just seals the deal.

Whether it is store-bought soup or you are making it yourself, be mindful of the ingredients, as many are cream-based and can be high in calories. My favorite trick for making a creamy soup (without the cream, butter, etc) is to blend the vegetables such as squash, cauliflower, or carrots. When blended, they thicken up the soup and create a velvety texture– with no cream. I use an emersion blender right in the pot or I transfer batches over to a regular blender.

Looking for a healthy soup recipe? Below are a few of my favorites. All of these and a lot more can be found on our Pinterest board, Eat Smart: Soups & Stews.


Beef, Tomato, and Pasta Soup


Butternut Squash Soup (I add one green apple, slightly less of the broth that is called for, and then I blend it so it’s thick and “creamy”)



Curried Carrot Soup


Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup


Cauliflower and Bacon Chowder



Broccoli and Cheese Soup


Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup


Slow Cooker Chili