Is there anything to eat on the highway that is healthy?

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Traveling and eating healthy is not always a winning combination. How can you stick to your healthy goals and still travel to see friends and family?

When you are driving to your destination, it is a bit easier as you can pack a cooler or bag lunch for your trip. Bring along yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, cut vegetables, whole-grain crackers, and bottled or sparkling water.

How about coming back? Not so simple. In a recent trip to Asheville to present at a conference I was faced with this dilemma. Going to the conference, I had a sandwich and apple so I was all set. Coming home, what to do? My go-to on the open road is Subway. It is not perfect but it is a better choice than most fast food places. However, what you order is key. Steer clear of processed luncheon meats and cheese. I get the 6-inch vegetarian on whole-wheat bread. Ask them to toast the bread for a better sandwich. Pile on the vegetables – all of them – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, jalapenos (if you dare), cucumbers, spinach, black olives. Add oil, vinegar, and oregano. It is a pretty good sandwich for not so many calories and at least a serving of vegetables. It will get you down the road!

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