Holiday Challenge Journeys- Judy

We would like to introduce today’s Holiday Challenge guest blogger, Judy. Judy is a participant in the Holiday Challenge and she shares her journey over the past few years. Congrats Judy!holiday-challenge_judy-2

I have been on my weight loss journey for over two years now. It is a slow process but I haven’t had surgery or bought into the purchase of buying pills on this journey.  I am just trying to eat healthy, being conscience of my food intake, exercising, and enjoying having more energy for my two boys.  I want to share this not to brag, but to show that ANYONE can do it with Motivation, Accountability, and Determination. I always say that I am “M.A.D.” about being fit.  So being MAD is my motto.  I love my new lifestyle.  I started my journey in September 2013 and weighed 250 pounds. My goal was to lose 80 pounds in two years. In September 2014 I had lost 40 pounds, was down three pant sizes and weighed 210. Now, I weigh 190 pounds. Just by exercising and eating healthier. I still have 20 more pounds to go before I get to a place in my life where I am happy with my energy level.  It is not about how I look, but more about how I feel about myself and how much energy I have for my two boys.