Recording Now Available: Life Hacks, Eat Healthy On a Busy Schedule

 Recording Now Available:

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Life Hacks: Eat Healthy On a Busy Schedule

Presented by Dr. Carolyn Dunn, Professor and Nutrition Specialist at NC State University

The “Life Hacks” component of the recent Mediterranean Diet mini-series, Med Instead of Meds, was so popular, we have decided to carry it through to future webinars. We introduce Life Hacks: Eat Healthy On a Busy Schedule, an upcoming webinar to give you tips and tricks to eating smart even with a busy schedule. We could all use a little help with hectic weeknights, rushed mornings, and meeting-filled days.

The recording is free and available to anyone.

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In the webinar, Dr. Dunn references a meal planner and shopping list. To download the printable planner, click here: “Cook This, Buy That” Meal Planner and Shopping List

To learn more about the free Nutrition Decisions webinar series and watch additional recordings, please click here: Nutrition Decisions.

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2 comments on “Recording Now Available: Life Hacks, Eat Healthy On a Busy Schedule

  1. aj on

    I’m very old-school. I would like to request that all infographics and videos have an attachment that allows people like me to be able to printout a sheet with the contents of said infographic or video written out as an article, so I can easily go back and refer to it. So I can refer to it in its entirety or just the pieces that I can’t remember. Thank you!


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