“My mind hasn’t caught up with the changes in my body..”

“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the class wl_feetonscale_ts-766x1024and it has gotten my weight loss jump started after a few months of a plateau. I was 260 at my heaviest. At 5’10 that put me with a BMI 37. Sometimes I feel as if my mind hasn’t caught up with the changes in my body. For example, other people are always telling me my clothes are too big-because I can’t wrap my head around that I lost another size.

I am so grateful for this program. When I first really started to try to lose weight, my insurance at the time did not cover a dietitian. The insurance rep I talked to mentioned that if the dietitian I wanted to see also happened to be a certified diabetes educator, it could be covered. They covered diabetes educators, but not dietitians. I responded “so you want me to wait until I get diabetes?” So, to have this opportunity was a welcomed change. 🙂

I really enjoy the sense of humor and energy my instructor brings to the class. Thank you so much for your encouragement!”