Recording of MED Instead of MEDS Webinar

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Recording Now Available

 Nutrition Decisions Webinar – MED Instead of MEDS for Better Health

Presented by Dr. Carolyn Dunn, Professor and Nutrition Specialist, NC State University

Can the Mediterranean Diet help prevent chronic diseases? What IS the Mediterranean Diet? Dr. Carolyn Dunn discussed benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and how to make simple swaps to your everyday meals. She also announced the release of, a free resource for Mediterranean Diet recipes and videos.

“Since the last webinar I decided to follow the med diet and my A1C has dropped from 7.9 to 6.1 and I’ve lost 27 lbs.  I just wanted to know what an impact your webinars provide.  THANK YOU!” –  Nutrition Decisions Webinar Participant

To view the webinar recording, click here:
Med Instead of Meds Recording

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Mark your calendars for the next webinar:

December 2nd at 12:00pm

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