“Eating the Med Way, I Truly Feel Fantastic”

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We are thrilled to introduce our guest blogger, Susan. Susan is participating in our current Mediterranean Diet webinar series and has experienced incredible results. She shares her story below. Way to go, Susan!


mediterranean diet

“A friend had introduced me to the Mediterranean lifestyle last spring. She had tried to talk to me about it after my labs were done in January and my numbers were way to high and my blood pressure numbers were higher than ever!  I had tried to “diet” on my own by drastically reducing my calories, which only led me to to lose a few pounds and gain them back.

So I was excited when the MED Instead of MED webinars started!  I was thinking “what perfect timing”!

I was already trying to eat the Mediterranean way as much as I thought I could from my friend’s help; cutting out fried foods and eating a lot less sugar.  I still had red meat more often than recommended.  Although trying to do the Med way, I wasn’t as focused as I am now, until after the last couple of webinars!  I’ve learn so much more after those.

I missed the Dec. 9th webinar (Steps to Eating the Med Way: Change Your Protein) and with it being the holiday season.  I decided to go back & watch it after the new year when I was ready to get back started eating healthier.  That webinar and the one on Jan 27th (Steps to Eating the Med Way: Swap Your Fats & Snack on Nuts) probably helped me the most to really focus on changing my eating, my mindset, and behaviors to be more in line with the Med way.  Now I am eating more fruits and vegetables, & hardly no red meat ever and believe me I’m a steak girl.  I eat more grilled chicken than fish but I’m starting to try to incorporate more fish.  Eating clean and healthy the Med way, I truly feel fantastic!mediterranean diet

I have also added 15 to 30 minutes walking every day which is a miracle for me!  Since I sit at a desk all day and don’t exercise!  It is teaching me a lifestyle change for sure.

Since January 18th, 3 weeks, I’ve lost 12 pounds and 5″! I’ve lost  45 pounds 34″ and drop 4 sizes total since last May!  Needless to say, my lab numbers are back to normal.

My health is better than ever!  I want to continue to improve my health and reach my physical goal.  I’m so thankful for the webinars offered because they are great support for me in continuing to try to make this healthy lifestyle change and reach my ultimate goal!!  Thank you for this opportunity to learn more!  I can’t wait for the next webinar!”




To learn more about the (free) Mediterranean Diet webinar series, please click here: Mediterranean Diet Webinar Series.

mediterranean diet




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2 thoughts on ““Eating the Med Way, I Truly Feel Fantastic”

  1. I have now lost more…54 lbs and 42 inches! I am loving this new way of life! I feel fantastic and I am excited to reach my ultimate goal hopefully by my 57th birthday in October.

    1. WOW!! Way to go Susan, keep up the incredible work! Keep checking in with us on your progress- we would love to feature you in a blog again! 🙂

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