The Skinny on Holiday Cocktails

This is one of my favorite blogs of the year. I enjoy looking up new drink ideas and tips for this blog. This December will be different. We will not be hosting our annual Christmas party featuring Sergeant Gunnery’s Eggnog. We will not be attending parties either. It is the reality of 2020. So instead […]

Quick Breakfast: Healthy Muffin Pan Quiche

For the past few years, I have been making numerous variations of muffin pan quiches. It originated from Eating Well’s Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiche recipe (which was featured in the Holiday Challenge), but I found that I started throwing in my own vegetable combinations and more often than not opted for a vegetarian option […]

How to Make Healthy Deviled Eggs

I heard one of our team members raving about the deviled eggs on our new website so decided it was my duty as a good colleague to try them out. Oh my gosh. They are my new fav. On busy work days when everything seems to be a whirlwind, you need a quick (and […]